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Puerto Vallarta Rental

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In addition to the blog post below this one, this post is the second half of my client’s Puerto Vallarta businesses that I was photographing. It is a condo rental property on the beach in Puerto Vallarta. We’ll be heading back to Puerto Vallarta in February to finish the other half of the condo shots, including architectural interiors and a few more exterior and lifestyle shots. Here are some shots from phase 1 of shooting.

This complex is stunning. Designed by Philippe Stark and Yoo the condo has a surreal vibe while maintaining an incredibly relaxing feel. The colors are vibrant yet not overwhelming and the staging is playful and unique. The images below show a few of the details such as the exterior, beach, restaurant, concierge, business center, beach bar and pool. You can see by just these few images how lovely the details of the project are.

Overall it was a beautiful place to photograph and I’m looking forward to going back for round 2 in February.


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Yachting with whales

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There is no way I can complain about my job because this was one lovely photo shoot. A wonderful client of mine asked that I go down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to photograph a couple of new business ventures they are starting down there. So, my assistant and I packed up and headed down at the beginning of December. The client is actually based out of Chicago, but has another business in Denver that I photographed for them. Since they spend so much time in Denver they decided to dub the boat the ‘Mystique’ from Denver, Colorado.

These images are for one side of the two-part business, the yacht rental. They will be doing luxury day tours on the yacht and needed some lifestyle photos out on the water and featuring a few of the key features they will be offering.  A few of those features include, visiting various beaches/islands, wining and dining on the yacht, snorkeling and whale watching. We weren’t expecting to actually see any whales on this part of the shoot because it was very early in Puerto Vallarta’s whale season. However, as you can see, we were fortunate enough to encounter many whales that day. We saw probably around 30 or more whales jumping all over the place. We even had one come right up to the bow of the boat, which startled us all, including the captain enough to turn the boat around and take off in the other direction. Overall, lovely shoot. I’ll add the link to their website here once it’s all finished.


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Cookies are good for you

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Here is a shot I recently did for a new line of cookies that Udi’s Gluten Free company is coming out with. Great product, simple shot. We slipped their box in this particular shot to get a little peek of their logo. I believe this is the shot they’ll be using in their advertising.  It worked out nicely.  We photographed a few other items that I will blog about another day, but I don’t want to show them until their product has been released.  For now you’ll have to settle for just the cookies.


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Speaking of restaurants

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There must be something in the air smelling of pizza because Organic Pizza Company has just opened in Denver, Colorado.  Their first restaurant opened in the Highlands neighborhood off of 38th and Tennyson near the Sunflower Market. They are selling take-n-bake Organic pizzas featuring local ingredients. Delicious!!

For photography, we had already done a studio food photography session to showcase the pizzas, so this time they wanted to feature the location. They wanted clean, bright feeling images slightly abstract in nature.  So, that’s what we worked on.

It was a fun shoot. In the last photo shown I used a slightly longer exposure and a pop of the strobes to get some motion and freeze the subject. Check it out…


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