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How color effects mood

Here are three different shoots with three different color temperatures and contrast levels. Each shows how color and contrast can effect the look and overall mood of the photograph.

The first image is a much warmer shot with a hint of green to give a unique vintage feel. The second shot is very low-contrast with a more neutral color to evoke a soft carefree emotion. The third shot is much more dramatic with a rich blue and high contrast adjustment to feel very moody. It definitely gives the feeling of dusk.

It can be really fun to play with light at different times of day with different color balancing to help add to the model’s attitude and the feeling the viewer takes from the image. You can create these different temperatures in many different ways ranging from kelvin temperatures on your camera or RAW editing software, gelling lights, mixing different color balanced light sources or playing with filters.

These are just a few examples of limitless possibilities.

Photos were styled by Tina Gill with Worthwhile Style. Hair by Hilary Hackney and makeup by Dina Nast.

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